The name compost comes from the Latin word «compositus», meaning mixture. It started its journey from medieval England where it was served in the end of a feast or even during the Renaissance, when it was served freezed at the end of the dinner.

Its easy preparation, which did not require expensive materials other than the quality primary fruits of nature, soon made it famous and was adopted by all European countries. Our country, of course, due to its rich natural wealth and the existence of the primary sector, managed to establish peach compote as its national product. It is worth emphasizing that peach compote, olive and feta cheese are the “trademarks” of Greek primary production and are directly linked to our tourist product.

A spoon dessert or a compote is a classically delicious and special taste that every Greek home has. Much less when these products stand out for their balanced taste without the slightest presence of added sugar or preservatives.